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DIANA with mentol 100ml

 DIANA with mentol 100ml |
 DIANA with mentol 100ml |
 DIANA with mentol 100ml |
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 DIANA with mentol 100ml |
 DIANA with mentol 100ml |
 DIANA with mentol 100ml |
DIANA with mentol 100ml
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Diana liniment with menthol for rubbing in and massage has been known for its refreshing effect for almost 120 years. The popular, traditional home remedy is still produced according to the original recipe and bottled in environmentally friendly glass bottles with the design of Roman goddess Diana. High-quality ingredients in their purest form ensure a quality that can be felt immediately! Natural menthol cools the skin, stimulates blood circulation and will invigorate tired and aching muscles! The application of Diana with menthol is recommended not only for classic pedicures, but also for muscle aches and strenuous activities as well as for weather changes, heavy head, everyday discomfort, weariness, and fatigue. As a compress on the head, chest or joints, Diana liniment with menthol immediately brings noticeable relief and is proven to increase well-being. Ideal after sports, hiking, dancing, but also suitable for daily use! The fresh kick of new energy and relaxation is available in two different sizes of 100 or 250ml.

Additional Information:

  • Brand: DIANA
  • Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Menthol, Sodium Chloride
  • Contents: 250 ml
  • Attention: Use solely for exterior application!

Warranty: 12 month

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At the beginning of the 20th century, a Hungarian pharmacist discovered not only the incredible effect but also the tremendous sales potential of liniment offset with menthol. Soon, his pharmacy ""Diana"" was so well known for the home remedy, that he registered his tonic as a trademark in 1907. The famous logo, which enjoys cult status, shows the Roman goddess of the hunt, ""Diana"" and symbolizes love of nature and vitality. Characteristics which not only athletes recognize, but specifically point out the products' range of applications. The original recipe has remained virtually unchanged and consumer confidence in products by Diana is greater than ever - they are staples of any well-stocked medicine cabinet! Throughout the century, the owners changed until finally in 2014, family company Unipack GmbH took over the traditional brand. Since then, Diana has been firmly back in Austrian hands and is conquering the consumers of this century with quality, naturalness and effect!

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