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Healthy footwear

Brand: Lanaform Model: 422
Imate hladna stopala? Idealni pripomoček za ohranjanje toplih stopal...
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: 5cm in 1sec, 5 x 1 cm
The 5cm in 1sec insoles allow you to increase your height instantly and discreetly. Simply insert a 5cm in 1sec insole in the heel of your shoe and ready. The 5cm in 1sec insoles have 5 levels made of firm, soft and non-slip silicone. The 5cm in 1sec insoles are inconspicuous inside your shoes, trai..
Acupressure massage slippers InnovaGoods Wellness Care Acupressure massage slippers InnovaGoods Wellness Care
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Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100550 - 4899888115137
The design is inspired by reflexology, a millenary technology with origins in ancient China, Egypt, and the United States. These therapeutic technique is based on the stimulation of reflex zones in the feet. Acupressure massage slippers InnovaGoods Wellness Care have acupuncture points that apply pr..
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Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100532 - 4899888114925
Anti-fatigue Compression stockings against Innovagoods are made of such a material that lightly presses on certain points in the area of the legs, ankles and sword. Due to its operation, your feet will be lighter and rested.If your work is mostly sitting or standing, then compression socks are ..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0101231-8435527815028
The Faboulazy InnovaGoods Wellness Relax quilt with sleeves and middle pocket is a comfortable and warm quilt with an updated design, ideal for maintaining warmth and comfort at home on cold winter days.Product features:- Innovative and functional design- Wide central pocket: 20 x 25 cm- Comfortable..
Model: Cascade Bathing Feet + F0525132
 Do you want to have the best foot care? Then buy the Cascade Bathing Feet + exfoliating slipper at This innovative slipper uses peeling technology to improve your well-being leaving your feet perfectly exfoliated.This exfoliating slipper has plenty of cleaning bristles..
Model: F1520321
The design of the slippers is based on the principles of foot reflexology, a technique that is thousands of years old with origins in Ancient China, Egypt and the United States.This therapeutic technique is based on the stimulation of the reflex zones on the foot, using acupressure. Pressure is ..
InnovaGoods Wellness Care pressure points magnetic insoles InnovaGoods Wellness Care pressure points magnetic insoles
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Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0101136 - 8435527814113
The magnetic pressure points are strategically placed to stimulate and massage feet when walking. They also have holes to improve breathability and prevent bad smells.Features:Made of TPR;Magnetic pressure points;Unisex, breathable and anti-odour;Suitable for any type of footwear;Can be cut down (mi..
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Brand: InnovaGoods Model: COP-8435527813666
 The latest trend in slippers to hit the market has arrived at VseZaZdravje. You can now buy the InnovaGoods Wellness Relax Comfort Bamboo gel slippers at the best price! Their numerous benefits in terms of foot health make them the must-have item for every innovative shop that se..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: Termo vložki InnovaGoods Wellness Relax
 InnovaGoods Wellness Relax comfort thermal insoles with non-slip sole are perfect for dealing with low temperatures on cold winter days. They keep feet warm and are very comfortable thanks to their design and the materials that they are made from. In addition, the soles cushion each step r..
Model: F1520228
Enjoy the utmost comfort wearing the revolutionary Relax Gel slippers! These slippers will help you to feel comfortable and relaxed after a hard day of work. Their soles containing gel reduce and cushion the impact when walking, relieving pressure on feet, ankles, legs, knees and the ..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0103055 - 8435527815899
 Silicone Gel Heel Lift Insoles Elivate InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté allow you to easily increase your height by several centimetres. With their silicone gel texture and ergonomic cover design, they provide excellent grip, relaxation and improved comfort while walking. They are also very hyg..
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