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Magnetic bracelet NOBLESSE stainless steel with 7 magnets Magnetic bracelet NOBLESSE stainless steel with 7 magnets
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Model: Noblesse_magnetna_zapestnica
Magnetic bracelet NOBLESSE stainless steel with 7 magnetsMagnetic therapy is a holistic therapy that creates balance in the body and is not used directly to treat the symptoms. For example. headache treated directly with the tablet, magnetic jewelry while preventing the formation of his headache..
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Brand: InnovaGoods Model: H3025105
Buy Quit Smoke Magnet Anti-Smoking Magnet at wholesale price. Magnetic therapy has been used on smokers for thousands of years. When some pressure is applied on certain body points, the brain gives a response that can be induced to support treatments to quit smoking or slim. By applying the Quit Smo..
Model: BM112
Spoil yourself with this unique designed bracelet.Fashioned of durable stainless steel, this bracelet features sturdy stainless steel links embedded with elements of Magnets. Treated in satin and polished combination, this 0.4 inches wide bracelet measures 8.4 inches in length. The easy-to-wear ..
Acupuncture massage ring
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Model: 720
Acupuncture massage ringAcupuncture massage ring is functional acupuncture device for vitaliziranje fingers. The ring is made ​​of silver-plated stainless steel with a special speljavno binding. It is an ideal companion because its smoothed and appease your fingers and consequently the whole bod..
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