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Brand: Beurer Model: FW 20 - 4211125531065
Feet warmer BEURER FW 20 Cosy (32 x 26 x 26 cm)BEURER feet warmer FW 20 Cosy quickly and comfortably warm cold feet...
Brand: 3A Healtcare Model: Airjolie Deluxe
3A Health Care inhaler with a reciprocating compressor SOHO Airjolie 23A Health Care inhaler with a reciprocating compressor SOHO Airjolie 2 is one of the technologically most advanced piston compressor inhalers spray valves in the system FASTERJET...
Brand: 3A Healtcare Model: 753
3A Health Care inhaler with a reciprocating compressor SOHO Midineb Inhaler advanced technology and sophisticated design...
Brand: 3A Healtcare Model: 731
Neby Plus je batni kompresorski inhalator, ki vam bo v pomoč pri različnih težavah z dihalnimi potmi. Enostavna uporaba, dovršen dizajn in veliko funkcij...
Brand: 3A Healtcare Model: 751
3A Health Care Ultrasonic inhaler SOHO RespiraUltrasonic inhalers Respira is often primarily use the inhaled saline with problems related to the lower airways...
Model: 446
Aromatično polnilo za aparat Air Pulse z aromo sivke ali anti-tobak...
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: 911
Pripomoček je bil izdelan z namenom, da omogoči še bolj praktično in lažjo terapijo, hkrati pa zagotavlja vse kakovostne in varnostne standarde PiC izdelkov...
Brand: Beurer Model: HD 100 - 4211125431020
BEURER blankets HD 100 (200 x 150 cm)BEURER blankets HD 100 (200 x 150 cm) with high power heating. Protected cushion to get overheated with auto shut-off after 3 urah.Udobno to turn the heat!  ..
Brand: Beurer Model: HD 90 - 4211125421007
BEURER blankets HD 90 (180 x 130 cm)BEURER blankets HD 90 (180 x 130 cm) for comfortable warmth on cold days at leisure. Conveniently wrapped in the warmth of heating pads...
Brand: Beurer Model: UB 33 - 4211125314002
BEURER heating blanket under the UB 33 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating blanket under the UB 33 is 0premljene with BSS security system against overheating and electronic temperature control to ensure your peace of mind, relaxing thermal relaxation. ..
Brand: Beurer Model: HK 35 - 4211125260026
Beurer HK35 heating pad has a built-BSS (Beurerjev security system), which uses an electronic sensor and to prevent overheating and in the event of a fault switches off automatically blazino...
Brand: Beurer Model: HK 25 - 4211125255022
BEURER heating pads HK 25 (40 x 30 cm)HK 25 Beurer heating pad has three power operation, so you can customize your heating needs...
Brand: Beurer Model: UB 60 - 4211125360023
BEURER heating under blanket  UB 60 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating under blanket UB 60 (150 x 80 cm) with auto-off feature after 3 hours, arrange for a relaxing, enjoyable and safe thermal shelter. ..
Brand: Beurer Model: Beurer UB 75
BEURER heating under blanket the UB 75 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating under blanket UB 75 (150 x 80 cm) using 15-minute rapid preheating that your bed is warm and comfortable. Let this one heating mat exercises moments, especially when you want warmth in the cold and wet days...
Brand: Beurer Model: Beurer TS 20
BEURER heating under blanket TS 20 (130 x 75 cm)..
Brand: Beurer Model: TS 23 - 4211125314811
BEURER heating under blanket TS 23 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating under blanket TS 23 (150 x 80 cm) is equipped with a safety system BSS overheating and electronic temperature control. Your carefree, relaxing thermal relaxation....
Brand: Beurer Model: UB 30 - 4211125306007
BEURER heating underblanket UB 30 is equipped with a safety system against overheating BSS and electronic temperature control and arrange for your carefree, relaxing thermal relaxation...
BEURER IL11 infrared light BEURER IL11 infrared light
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Brand: Beurer Model: IL 11 - 4211125614010
BEURER IL11 infrared lightInfrared radiation is mostly used for heat transfer without touching. In our IR lights used infrared radiation to heat treatment of the human body. Unlike mikrovalovanja, most of the IR radiation is absorbed at the surface of the human body. Organs that are deeper in th..
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