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Model: 446
Aromatično polnilo za aparat Air Pulse z aromo sivke ali anti-tobak...
Brand: Beurer Model: HD 100 - 4211125431020
BEURER blankets HD 100 (200 x 150 cm)BEURER blankets HD 100 (200 x 150 cm) with high power heating. Protected cushion to get overheated with auto shut-off after 3 urah.Udobno to turn the heat!  ..
Brand: Beurer Model: HD 90 - 4211125421007
BEURER blankets HD 90 (180 x 130 cm)BEURER blankets HD 90 (180 x 130 cm) for comfortable warmth on cold days at leisure. Conveniently wrapped in the warmth of heating pads...
Brand: Beurer Model: UB 33 - 4211125314002
BEURER heating blanket under the UB 33 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating blanket under the UB 33 is 0premljene with BSS security system against overheating and electronic temperature control to ensure your peace of mind, relaxing thermal relaxation. ..
Brand: Beurer Model: HK 35 - 4211125260026
Beurer HK35 heating pad has a built-BSS (Beurerjev security system), which uses an electronic sensor and to prevent overheating and in the event of a fault switches off automatically blazino...
Brand: Beurer Model: HK 25 - 4211125255022
BEURER heating pads HK 25 (40 x 30 cm)HK 25 Beurer heating pad has three power operation, so you can customize your heating needs...
Brand: Beurer Model: UB 60 - 4211125360023
BEURER heating under blanket  UB 60 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating under blanket UB 60 (150 x 80 cm) with auto-off feature after 3 hours, arrange for a relaxing, enjoyable and safe thermal shelter. ..
Brand: Beurer Model: Beurer UB 75
BEURER heating under blanket the UB 75 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating under blanket UB 75 (150 x 80 cm) using 15-minute rapid preheating that your bed is warm and comfortable. Let this one heating mat exercises moments, especially when you want warmth in the cold and wet days...
Brand: Beurer Model: Beurer TS 20
BEURER heating under blanket TS 20 (130 x 75 cm)..
Brand: Beurer Model: TS 23 - 4211125314811
BEURER heating under blanket TS 23 (150 x 80 cm)BEURER heating under blanket TS 23 (150 x 80 cm) is equipped with a safety system BSS overheating and electronic temperature control. Your carefree, relaxing thermal relaxation....
Brand: Beurer Model: UB 30 - 4211125306007
BEURER heating underblanket UB 30 is equipped with a safety system against overheating BSS and electronic temperature control and arrange for your carefree, relaxing thermal relaxation...
Brand: Lanaform Model: 448
Štirikratni mrežasti filter : HEPA-Filter, prahotesna mrežica, filter z aktivnim ogljem in pospeševalna tkanina za dezodoracijo , ki omogoča zelo učinkovito prečiščevanje zraka...
Brand: Lanaform Model: 628
Filter za Avtomatski ultrazvočni vlažilec in ionizator zraka VAPO LUX...
Brand: Beurer Model: Beurer FWM 40
Heating and massage cushion for your feet BEURER FWM 40 (32x26x26cm)Heating and massage cushion for your feet BEURER FWM 40 (32x26x26cm)..
Model: MED91973
Heating pads classical MEDEL (36x46)Heating pad classical MEDEL (36x46) with an innovative heating system and three different values ​​of temperature...
Model: MED91972
Heating pad for neck and spine MEDEL (36 x 56 CM)MEDEL heating pad (36 x 56 cm) is ideal for pain in the neck and spine and has a different temperature levels...
Brand: Lanaform Model: 1206
Je zelo enostaven za uporabo, opremljen s 1,8-litrsko posodo, ki se zlahka napolni in namesti. Samodejno deluje več kot 8 ur in zagotavlja otroku mirno noč...
Brand: Lanaform Model: LAN180101
LANAFORM single heating blanket (90 x190 cm)Treat yourself to a pleasant feeling of warmth and well-being! Heating pads made ​​of soft velor you will be pleasantly warm up on cold winter days...
Brand: Medisana Model: 963
Aromatične esence vam bodo pomagale pri sprostitvi ob boljši vlažnosti zraka. Aromaterapija za vse...
Brand: Medisana Model: 1145
 Features Medisana HDW heating blanket:Fluffy soft uppermaterial; Handy controller; Washable thanks to detachable controller; 4 temperature settings; Oeko-Tex® standard 100; Quick heating with 120 watts; Safety system with overheating protection; Automatic switch-off af..
Brand: Medisana Model: 961
Lepo oblikovan in priročen vlažilec zraka MEDISANA ULTRABREEZE z večbarvno nočno osvetljavo, ki se spreminja...
Brand: Microlife Model: Microlife FH422
MICROLIFE a heating pad under the blanket FH422MICROLIFE heating pads FH422 is bedded bag with the latest, safe and efficient technology. ..
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