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Pulse oximeters

Brand: Beurer Model: PO 60 - 4211125454302
Beurer oximeter PO 60 is medical device which measure arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse). Your measured values can be easily transferred to the "beurer HealthManager" via Bluetooth® and evaluated there.Features:- Bluetooth® for transfer of measurements to your smartphone;- Part..
Brand: Medisana Model: CONNECT PM 100 - 79456
Precise measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2%) and heart rate (pulse)MEDISANA pulse oximeter Connect Pulse PM 100 ensures precise measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2%) and heart rate (pulse). The measured values ​​can be displayed with a total of 6 different display forms, optionall..
Model: OxyWatch MD300C29
A device for measuring oxygen saturation and pulse. Small dimensions, low power consumption, easy to use and easy to carry. SpO2 and pulse display, heart rate graphical display. with lanyard, batteries and silicone protective cover.PROFESSIONAL MEASUREMENT ACCURACY1. Two-color OLED display..
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