Brand: Mueller Model: 6413;6414
 It is based on a knit support, which surrounds the cake and reduces the pressure on it. The seamless edges along with the support also offer exceptional comfort and thus fit the knee. The specially designed fabric provides 360-degree compression, while protecting against unpleasant smells ..
Brand: Mueller Model: 55251-55254
 A special design of material and knitting prevents it from slipping and wrinkling when worn. Suitable for left and right knee.FOOTNOTE:Natural rubber can irritate the skin. If a rash or pain persists, stop using and consult a doctor. The cuff should not be installed too tightly. ..
Brand: Mueller Model: 59111-59114
 It is extremely comfortable lightweight and touch very soft strap. Made from high-performance Hydracinn® (without latex and neoprene). Hydracinn® material is very high quality, moisture resistant and allows for the maintenance of body heat during movement. It also contains antimicrobial pr..
Brand: Mueller Model: 59011-59014
 The line is characterized by an airy material, very soft to touch, which fits tightly on the knee. The stem provides an exceptional support for a painful or unstable knee.SIZE TABLE: S 30-35 cm M 35-40 cm L 40-45 cm XL 4..
Brand: Mueller Model: 57927
 The ITB knee band relieves pain on the outside of the knee resulting from the ITB syndrome - an orthotic tract syndrome (running knee) that occurs in sports such as running and cycling.FOOTNOTE:The tape is made of neoprene, which can cause skin irritation. If a rash or pain does no..
Brand: Mueller Model: 56427
 The Cross Strips of the Mueller® Knee Stabilizer provide strong support under and over the mug. Easy installation makes it possible to fit the joint. Soft neoprene maintains body heat and thus increases circulation, thereby accelerating healing and helping to recover faster after injury. P..
Brand: Mueller Model: 3333
The clasp design allows easy installation and recording of the strut. Adjustable straps allow individual adjustment of the compression setting. By installing the stem, we can control the dislocation of the mushroom and relieve problems with chondromalacia (irritated mites).patented three-poin..
Brand: Mueller Model: 59131-59134
Neoprene sustenance offers enacomeric and constant compression, thus stimulating health and boiling the elasticity of the skull. Its use is commonly used in low-limbed arthroscopic arthritis.the armor is made of durable materials, with a brilliance, with the most obedient slaves in two seams ..
Brand: Mueller Model: 991-997
 The knee band works dynamically when the knee is pulled and pulled out. Pressing the tape on the tent under the tunic helps to slip the tart into the furrow. The tape improves the trail by which the tart is slid and helps to distribute the pressure evenly over the entire surface, while at ..
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