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Blood presure monitors

Brand: 2in1 Model: 2in1 BP Tele
2in1. BP TELE is an automatic blood pressure monitor with early detection of atrial fibrillation and premature heartbeat to prevent the risk of heart disease and stroke. Connectable with a free app to keep a pressure measurement log.Blood pressure monitor properties 2in1. BP TELE:- Bluetooth® low en..
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: Artsana PiC DIGIT Smart
PIC DIGIT Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically tested and manufactured in accordance with the standards ESH 2002. Detects cardiac arrhythmias and made exact measurements in the case arrhythmia. Indicator higher heart rate to detect and alert on high measured value. It calculates the average of..
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: PiC EasyRapid
 An intuitive automatic digital arm-type blood pressure monitor. Its innovative DLS design uses the latest-generation Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience technology for early measurement during the inflation phase. Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience, which carries out early measurement during the ..
Brand: Omron Model: Omron M10-IT
Automatic blood pressure monitor OMRON M10-IT..
Brand: Omron Model: Omron HEM-7155T-EBK
The Omron M4 Intelli IT blood pressure monitor simplifies monitoring your hypertension at home and automatically transfers your results to your smartphone by Bluetooth and let’s you keep track of them with Alexa. The easy way to get accurate results. Just place the unique Intelli Wrap Cuff, in any p..
Model: Omron OA3 (HEM-7270-D)
Regular blood pressure readings at home can help to identify risks for heart attack and stroke at an early stage. OMRON blood pressure monitors detect irregular heartbeats.Hypertension is displayed graphically on the shapely OMRON OA3. All our blood pressure monitors have the OMRON own Intellise..
Brand: Omron Model: Omron OA5 (HEM-7280T-D)
DescriptionThe shapely OMRON OA5 Connect provides data transfer via Bluetooth Smart for free online OMRON Health Management Bi-LINK. To load data to the Bi-LINK-profile, the app "OMRON Bi-LINK gateway" must be installed in advance. For the mobile operating systems Android and iOS it is available in ..
Brand: Omron Model: Omron M7 IT
 Connected health data 360 degrees accuracy Intelli Wrap Cuff Accurate measurements in any position around the upper arm Easy Blood Pressure Color Indicator  Morning Hypertension Tracke Advanced Averaging Functioning Irregular Heatbeat Detection Cuff Wrap Guide 2 u..
Brand: Nissei Model: Nissei DS-11
Blood Pressure monitor NISSEI DS-11 is a new model meter user friendly (for the operation requires only a single button press) with a transparent LCD screen. The meter is the standard ESH 2010 and are distinguished by ease of use, measurement already during the inflating cuff and what 5 year warrant..
Brand: Nissei Model: Nissei DS-10
Blood Pressure NISSEI DS-10 is a new model meter user friendly (for the operation requires only a single button press) with a transparent LCD screen. The meter is the standard ESH 2010 and are distinguished by ease of use, measurement already during the inflating cuff and what 5 year warranty.Meter ..
Brand: Ecomed Model: Ecomed BU-90E
The ecomed Upper arm blood pressure monitor BU-92E by Medisana has 90 memory spaces for each of 2 users and comes with a cuff for 22-36 cm arm circumferences. It ensures accurate blood pressure measurement on the upper arm at home. The display provides the modes systolic, diastolic, pulse, date and ..
Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana BU 510
The control of blood pressure is a concern to many people, it can help prevent and detect diseases. With the BU 510 Upper arm blood pressure monitor from Medisana you can make a reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement yourself. The classification of the measurements carried out by the traff..
Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana CardioCompact
Sophisticated blood pressure monitor with innovative folding function. The folding function transforms this monitor from a powerful blood pressure monitor into a practical travelling alarm clock. When completely folded, the device is in travelling mode and thus prevents an accidental activation duri..
Brand: Omron Model: HEM-7322T-D
Regular blood pressure measurement is an essential part of health care, especially in old age, but also in previous years, a sensible measure. As an alternative to doctor there are many devices that allow convenient and reliable self-monitoring at home.With the M700 Intelli IT OMRON has developed as..
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Brand: Omron Model: Omron RS2
 From healthcare specialists Omron, this RS2 wrist blood pressure monitor is fully automatic and provides an easy and convenient way to check for hypertension. It features Omron's IntelliSense technology which determines the optimum speed and pressure for gentle inflation and deflation for ..
Brand: Rossmax Model: Rossmax X1
 Cuff Detection (CD)Detects and indicates whether the cuff is wrapped around the arm properly.Movement DetectionThe “Movement Detection” helps reminding the user to remain still and is indicating any body movement during measurement. The specified icon appears once a “body movem..
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