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Equipment for inhalers

Model: Otroška maska Pic
Children's mask is compatible with all compressor inhalers PiC: AirProjet, AirFamily, AirMini, MrHippo, MrCarrot, MrPingui and straejšim models compressor inhalers pizzas.  ..
Model: PiC Posodica
Features:Container for Compressor inhalers PiC kompitabilna with all models of Compressor inhalers PiC: AirFamily, AirMini, MrHippo, MrCarrot, MrPingui; Patented container SideStreem because of side air flow allows for half of shorter duration of therapy (7 minutes instead of 15 minutes) a..
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: 2v1 Pic
PIC 2 in 1 silicone spare mask for inhalers is suitable for both adults and children. It is adjustable, extremely soft, ergonomically designed and very flexible.The kit also includes an oral attachment, so you can use the mask with all PiC inhalers...
Brand: Medikoel Model: MEDIKOEL ampula
Standard ampoule for selected inhalatporje Medikoel.The ampoule as additional equipment is used for:Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoel 100; Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoell 110; Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoel 115th..
Model: Cev PiC
Features connecting hose:Connecting hose that connects the inhaler PIC cup medicines sidestream; For compressor inhalers: MrCarrot, MrPingui, MrPanda, MrRino, AirFamily, AirTwist, AirMini, AirClinic, AirDeluxe, AirSpinny, Master500; Length of the hose: 105 cm...
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