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Equipment for inhalers

Model: Otroška maska Pic
Children's mask is compatible with all compressor inhalers PiC: AirProjet, AirFamily, AirMini, MrHippo, MrCarrot, MrPingui and straejšim models compressor inhalers pizzas.  ..
Model: PiC Posodica
Features:Container for Compressor inhalers PiC kompitabilna with all models of Compressor inhalers PiC: AirFamily, AirMini, MrHippo, MrCarrot, MrPingui; Patented container SideStreem because of side air flow allows for half of shorter duration of therapy (7 minutes instead of 15 minutes) a..
Brand: Medikoel Model: MEDIKOEL ampula
Standard ampoule for selected inhalatporje Medikoel.The ampoule as additional equipment is used for:Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoel 100; Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoell 110; Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoel 115th..
Model: Cev PiC
Features connecting hose:Connecting hose that connects the inhaler PIC cup medicines sidestream; For compressor inhalers: MrCarrot, MrPingui, MrPanda, MrRino, AirFamily, AirTwist, AirMini, AirClinic, AirDeluxe, AirSpinny, Master500; Length of the hose: 105 cm...
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