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Brand: Divine Hair Magic Model: V0100115
 The Brushture electric hair straightener brush from the renowned Divine Hair Magic allows you to straighten hair quickly and easily, making brushing easier and preventing frizz. On top of that, it provides an attractive natural volume to hair.Features:Anti-scald silicone bristle..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0103147 - 8435527816810
The Suraily InnovaGoods automatic wireless hair curler allows you to use it in complete comfort, without cables or plugs. The Suraily InnovaGoods curler has its own ceramic cylinder, with a tourmaline coating that provides greater protection against heat and reduces electrostatic charge.Suraily Inno..
Ceramic Hair Iron for Creating Waves Wavio InnovaGoods 55 W Ceramic Hair Iron for Creating Waves Wavio InnovaGoods 55 W
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Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0103294 - 8435527818319
Ceramic hair straightener Wavio InnovaGoods 55 W Wellness Beauty, with an innovative triple stick shape, ideal shapes for shaping waves with complete ease and comfort to achieve optimal and professional results. It allows you to create wide, marked and defined waves for a special occasion or soft wa..
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Brand: Divine Hair Magic Model: Iondict
 The Iondict DIVINE HAIR MAGIC Electric Hair Straightener Brush is the ideal product for hair straigt. This hair straightener emits negatives ions that, when in contact with hair, make it easier to brush and prevent frizz.Features:Power: 30 W; Frequency: 50-60 Hz; Voltage: 11..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: F0515142 - 4899888108771
The Divine Hair Magic hair iron straightens your hair in a quick and simple way, in just a few seconds, thanks to its aluminium sheet with ceramic coating.Power: 25 W Frequency: 50 Hz Voltage: 220-240 V Approx. dimensions: 5 x 26 x 4.5 cm Approx. length of the cable: 180 cm. It has a hole fo..
Brand: Divine Hair Magic Model: DIVINE ogrevana krtača
 Introducting the DIVINE HAIR MAGIC heated styling brush Magic Brush, an electric brush ideal for creating loose curls and styling your hair to achieve a natural and soft result.DIVINE HAIR MAGIC heated styling brush Magic Brush doesn't damage your hair. It has 2 temperature levels, rot..
Model: Dry+ krtača V0100293
 Dry+ hair brush-towel is one of the most revolutionary new products on the market! Thanks to its microfibre bristles, which absorb up to 30 % of the moisture in the hair, this practical hair brush makes drying hair quicker and easier. It is ideal for brushing the hair after washing, as it ..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0103204 - 8435527817251
Ionic brush for volume and drying Volumio InnovaGoods is suitable for multi-purpose. The brush increases the volume, combs, combs and dries the hair, giving them much more volume. The combination of stiff teeth and flexible bristles allows for gentle hair handling. Due to its oval shape, this versat..
Brand: Divine Hair Magic Model: F0515132
Achieve the most impressive look with the fabulous Magic Curls hair curler!Discover the secret of the most beautiful long-lasting curl. The Magic Curls hair curler is very easy to use. Simply insert each hair lock into the curler's head at the height of your choice, select the kind of curl (soft..
Brand: Divine Hair Magic Model: V0100366
 Another highly anticipated new product, the Magic Dryer & Styler electric hair dryer has arrived at our store! Its triple function allows you to brush, dry and straighten your hair at the same time. Achieve a professional look when styling your own hair.Smooth bristles with ..
Model: F0515145
Hairbrush Miracle is unique among the brush. It makes you especially designed for the rounded peak periods easier ratčesali hair.In our wide catalogue you will find all kinds of items that you can buy wholesale, such as the Miracle hair brush. Approx. dimensions: 4.5 x 23 x 3 cm. Made of plastic..
BABARIA liquid keratin for Damaged Hair 300 ml
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Brand: Babaria Model: Babaria keratin 300 ml
Babaria liquid keratin for Damaged Hair 300 mlBabaria has developed a liquid keratin, which aims to restore the damaged, brittle and porous hair. Special formula contains ingredients such as Keratin, Biotin and Vitamin B5.Ingredients (INCI): Aqua (Water), Alcohol Denat, PEG-40 Hydrogenated C..
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