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Wellion Luna glucose test strips (50 pcs.)

 Wellion Luna glucose test strips (50 pcs.) |
Wellion Luna glucose test strips (50 pcs.)
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Wellion Luna glucose test strips are a high-tech product for easy and reliable blood glucose measurement.

Wellion Luna measuring strips are a high-tech product. The sheets are made in different layers and contain electrodes inserted using a sophisticated process. The biological substrate - glucose oxidase - is applied in the reaction area of ​​the measuring sheet using a high-precision sprayer. Glucose oxidase is an enzyme that reacts with glucose in the blood in a very specific way. In this reaction, a certain amount of electric current is generated, which is then converted into the result of the glucose measurement shown on the screen.

Wellion Luna glucose test strips are equipped with codeless technology, which is an additional plus for your safety.

During the development of Wellion Luna measuring strips, they decided to make the strips in a convenient size, which allows users to easily remove them from the container and easily and safely insert them into the measuring strip slot.

The end of the slip on which the blood is absorbed into the reaction zone by means of sip-in technology is far enough away from the meter to prevent contamination of the meter with blood.

Package: 50 strips

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