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Rossmax, a leader in the global healthcare market, is committed to developing and supplying premium products and solutions with supreme technologies on a top quality level.


Our business fields are PREVENTION, MONITORING, THERAPY. Our product and service portfolio consists of healthcare products in the field of Fitness, Obesity, Hypertension, Respiratory Care, Fever Management, Hot & Pain Therapy, Wound Healing as well as Sleep Disorder. Our products are distributed in more than 50 countries and are clinically validated and approved based on latest quality standards.With the only fully integrated factory in the industry, we pride ourselves on world class manufacturing capabilities and end-to-end process controls. From pioneering research and product development to highly efficient manufacturing, shipping and logistics, our operational excellence is a crucial key to the success.




Internal and local validations as well as proofs from well recognized institutions (such as BHS - British Hypertension Society, ESH - European Society of Hypertension) confirm the accuracy, safety, stability, reliability and high performance of the entire product range. The Rossmax blood pressure monitors can be fully recommended for an application in the pregnant population too.

Rossmax HA500 Non-Contact Temple Thermometer Rossmax HA500 Non-Contact Temple Thermometer
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Brand: Rossmax Model: HA500 - 4715139000666
Advanced Infrared measuring systemRossmax HA500 Non-Contact Temple Thermometer is suitable for non-contact temperature measurement by measuring around 5 cm from the forehead. The advanced infrared temperature measuring technology provides safe, accurate, reliable and hygienic readings for measuring ..
49,90€ 53,99€
Rossmax X1 automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor Rossmax X1 automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
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Brand: Rossmax Model: Rossmax X1
 Cuff Detection (CD)Detects and indicates whether the cuff is wrapped around the arm properly.Movement DetectionThe “Movement Detection” helps reminding the user to remain still and is indicating any body movement during measurement. The specified icon appears once a “body movem..
43,20€ 48,00€
Rossmax X5 PARR automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
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Brand: Rossmax Model: Rossmax X5
 PARR Technology Small TechnologyPrevent the risk of cardio disease and stroke by early detection of atrial fibrilation, premature contraction, trachyardia and bradcardia. Cardiac disorders need medical attention and thus early diagnosis is of paramount importance. The PARR technology d..
74,52€ 81,00€
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