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Brand: Roche Model: 07400934054-4015630070084
Medical aplianceOften seemingly simple things make it difficult to measure blood glucose levels. Sometimes it is really a challenge to quickly take a test strip out of the container, discreetly perform a measurement in the dark, apply a drop of blood to a small test field, write down the measurement..
ACCUTREND Plus System 4in1
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Brand: Roche Model: 912
Merjenje glukoze, holesterola, trigliceridov in laktatov sedaj hitro in enostavno. Sodobna multifunkcijska naprava za merjenje kar 4 srčno-žilnih dejavnikov tveganja..
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Brand: Roche Model: 1200
ACCUTREND testni lističi za merjenje glukoze v krvi...
Brand: Roche Model: 1201
ACCUTREND testni lističi za merjenje holesterola v krvi..
Brand: Roche Model: 1202
ACCUTREND testni lističi za merjenje trigliceridov v krvi...
Brand: Roche Model: 1203
ACCUTREND testni lističi za merjenje BM-laktata v krvi...
Brand: Roche Model: Softclix 4015630018284
ACCU-CHEK Roche Softclix sterile lancets suitable for Softclix and Softclix II trigger devicesPacking: 100 lancets..
Brand: Roche Model: Fastclix 4015630056996
ACCU-CHEK FastClix lancets are designed for greater comfort and without visible sharpness of the finger piercing device.ACCU-CHEK FastClix uses an innovative reel containing six lancets. Such testing is safer and more hygienic, and due to the special design that does not show sharp parts, it can be ..
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