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Muscle warmer Texenergy

 Muscle warmer Texenergy |
 Muscle warmer Texenergy |
 Muscle warmer Texenergy |
 Muscle warmer Texenergy |
Muscle warmer Texenergy
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What is Texenergy Dol?

Texenergy Dol is a range of active pain relief garments to aid:

    in painful pathologies of various kinds
    in treating localised oedema
    in treating inflammatory arthropathies
    in recovering joint functionality

In addition, Texenergy Dol reduces unsightly cellulite on the skin and eliminates localized fat in adipose tissues.

The composition of Texenergy Dol garment

The garments are made of soft micro-fibre fabric interwoven with strands of Copper, Zinc and Silica. The unique 'active fabric' uses the energy developed by the same minerals for bio-stimulation of tissues when worn. Texenergy Dol works in synergy with the body to correct disorders. It enhances micro-circulation with the draining of liquids and has antibacterial properties. The material renders the skin very soft and smooth and attenuates any imperfections. It ensures all the benefits of electromagnetotherapy when in contact with the skin.

The diverse elastic segments, with ergonomic weaving and an anatomical shape, guarantee excellent wear comfort and efficacy.

From tests performed on adult patients, it clearly emerges that the Texenergy Dol elements constitute important " added value" with respect to conventional painkilling treatments.


What are the cutaneous electromagnetotherapeutic benefits of Texenergy Dol garments?

    Texenergy Dol garments are anti-microbial
    Texenergy Dol garments stimulate microcirculation
    Texenergy Dol garments are thermogenic (Joule effect)
    Texenergy Dol garments reduce oedema
    Texenergy Dol garments reduce pain
    Texenergy Dol garments stimulate muscles


What makes the Texenergy Dol fabric so special?

The innovative combination of interwoven strands of Copper, Zinc and Silica creates an infinitesimal current that stimulates venous micro-circulation and normalizes cell functions. These activities drain liquids, eliminate cell abnormalities, reduce bacterial infection and relieve pain. The technology behind Texenergy Dol fabric is patented. The garment has been clinically confirmed to be effective and safe.

More info on the garment:

    'Active' fabric
    Scientifically and clinically tested
    Not contraindicated in breast feeding
    No reconditioning of garment is needed to maintain therapeutic properties
    No adverse side effects
    Provides support and minimises repetitive injuries
    Wearable to sleep
    Restores original shape after washing
    Cost effective to maintain e.g. no dry washing, no special detergent
    Machine washable with ordinary detergent
    Wearable for the whole day (24 hours)
    Highly stretchable
    Non-constrictive on the body
    No strap, hook or Velcro
    Easy to wear


What are the individual properties of metals used in Texenergy Dol garments?
COPPER (mineral)     


ZINC (mineral)     

    excellent for healing wounds
    anti-bacterial action

SILICA (oligomineral)     

    anti-oxidative, excellent
    for skin, hair and nail
    softening and protective

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