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Brand: Medisana Model: 949
MEDISANA IVM - visokokakovosten masažer za razvajanje s pomočjo inrardeče masaže oz. infrardeče toplote. Aparat ima zelo tih motor...
Massager with infrared light MEDISANA ITM Massager with infrared light MEDISANA ITM
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Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana ITM
Massagers with infrared light MEDISANA ITM - MEDISANA ITM - High quality is vibrating masažer with infrared light...
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Brand: Medisana Model: 963
Aromatične esence vam bodo pomagale pri sprostitvi ob boljši vlažnosti zraka. Aromaterapija za vse...
Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana TDP
MEDISANA electromagnetic stimulator TENS / EMS / ACUPUNCTURE TDP   The device MEDISANA TENS / EMS / ACUPUNCTURE TDP provides natural pain relief without side effects by stimulating the nerves through the skin . Allows settings for therapy against pain ( TENS ) , acupuncture electrode and elec..
Brand: Medisana Model: 953
Komplet vsebuje 2 elektrodni blazinici za elektromagnetni stimulator MEDISANA TENS TDD velikosti 50 x 90 mm...
Brand: Medisana Model: 1145
 Features Medisana HDW heating blanket:Fluffy soft uppermaterial; Handy controller; Washable thanks to detachable controller; 4 temperature settings; Oeko-Tex® standard 100; Quick heating with 120 watts; Safety system with overheating protection; Automatic switch-off af..
Brand: Medisana Model: 948
Za napravo Medibeam so razvili diode, ki oddajajo rdečo svetlobo ustrezne valovne dolžine (pribl. 660 nm). Ta valovna dolžina pomaga pri odpravljanju kožnih težav in pospešuje zdravljenje kože. Postopek z napravo Medibeam je varen in neboleč...
Brand: Medisana Model: 1368
S pomočjo osebne tehtnice MEDISANA ISA boste zlahka natančno izmerili telesno težo in telesnosestavo...
Brand: Medisana Model: 946
Napredna in visokotehnoliška osebna tehtnica MEDISANA PSC za analizo telesne maščobe, merjenje telesne teže, mišične mase in količine vode v telesu,s spominskim emstom za 12 oseb...
Brand: Medisana Model: 961
Lepo oblikovan in priročen vlažilec zraka MEDISANA ULTRABREEZE z večbarvno nočno osvetljavo, ki se spreminja...
Brand: Medisana Model: UHV - 4015588600654
Very  dry  air  increases  susceptibility  to  infection  and  respiratory  diseases  and leads  to  fatigue  and  lack  of  concentration.  Healthy  air  should  have  a  relative atmospher..
Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana BU 510
The control of blood pressure is a concern to many people, it can help prevent and detect diseases. With the BU 510 Upper arm blood pressure monitor from Medisana you can make a reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement yourself. The classification of the measurements carried out by the traff..
Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana CardioCompact
Sophisticated blood pressure monitor with innovative folding function. The folding function transforms this monitor from a powerful blood pressure monitor into a practical travelling alarm clock. When completely folded, the device is in travelling mode and thus prevents an accidental activation duri..
Brand: Medisana Model: TM A79 - 4015588996634
Product data overviewPrecise measurement of body temperature within seconds;Extra large and easy to read display;Measurement of the ambient temperature;DescriptionOptical and acoustic fever alarm: green, yellow and red;Extra large and easy to read display;Additional function: measurement of the ambi..
Brand: Medisana Model: 60257 - 4015588602580
Cold winter days are coming and with the Medisana FWS foot warmer you will be protected from low temperatures. After a long walk, you will be able to quickly warm up your cold feet again. The foot warmer works in 3 freely adjustable temperature levels and has a particularly soft, airy core made of s..
Brand: Medisana Model: HU A61 - 4015588992070
With the MEDISANA HU A61 heating underblanket, you can gently relax your whole body. The action of underblanket promotes blood circulation in stiff muscles, well-being after a hard day. The heating pad warms you up pleasantly and gives a feeling of relaxation to the whole body. The heat above the ma..
Brand: Medisana Model: 60217 - 4015588602177
 DescriptionThe safety system with overheating protection, 3 temperature settings and handy controller. The HP 630 Heated underblanket has Öko-Tex standard 100.Features:3 temperature settings; Safety system with overheating protection; Handy controller; Washable thanks ..
MEDISANA infrared therapeutic light IR 100 MEDISANA infrared therapeutic light IR 100
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Brand: Medisana Model: 8823240 - 15588882326
The Medisana IR 100 infrared lamp supports the treatment of cold symptoms, tension, cramps, muscle pain, rheumatic problems and the treatment of ears, nose and throat. The IR 100 can be used comfortably at home and can be monitored by a doctor. Intense infrared light with 100 W provides stimulation ..
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Medisana MBH whirlpool air bubble mat with aroma dispenser Medisana MBH whirlpool air bubble mat with aroma dispenser
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Brand: Medisana Model: 88377-4015588883774
Medisana MBH whirlpool air bubble mat with aroma dispenser is the right gift for everyone. The bath with its function of massaging bubbles pampers your body and offers comfort and relaxation. It is suitable for every room, which suddenly turns into a veritable pearl whirlpool jacuzzis.Feature: ..
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Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana Medistyle L
 DescriptionAutomatic stop when pressure is too high - also ideal for diabetics. 10 manicure/pedicure tools.With storage pouch Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation High quality and durable sapphire attachments Care and treatment of nails, cuticles and slight calluses With LED light ..
Brand: Medisana Model: CONNECT PM 100 - 79456
Precise measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2%) and heart rate (pulse)MEDISANA pulse oximeter Connect Pulse PM 100 ensures precise measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2%) and heart rate (pulse). The measured values ​​can be displayed with a total of 6 different display forms, optionall..
Medisana TT 200 electrotherapy device TENS 3 in 1 Medisana TT 200 electrotherapy device TENS 3 in 1
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Brand: Medisana Model: Medisana TT 200 88347
NEW, NEW, NEW !!!!   TENS, EMS and massage with several programsMedisana TT 200 electrotherapy device TENS 3 in 1 can be used with several programs in the form of TENS, EMS and massage. EMS therapy is designed for the 9 body parts of neck, shoulder, arm, hand, back, abdomen, hips, leg and ..
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Brand: Medisana Model: AH 600 - 4015588600678
MEDISANA ultrasonic humidifier AH 660 helps you achieve a healthy climate in your home. This humidifier features ultrasonic technology to improve the quality of the breathing air. This is important because dry air in the room increases susceptibility to infectious and respiratory diseases. Thanks to..
Brand: Medisana Model: 88972 - 4015588889721
MEDISANA NM 866 is a massage device with a vibrating function and support of intense heat. Slight tension and deeper muscle strengthening can be optimally achieved with a pleasant vibration massage, and the heat will provide relaxation of tense muscle fibers in the neck area.Medisana massage device ..
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