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Brand: Medikoel Model: 1151
 MEDIKOEL a nasal aspirator with a dual function Me126 is the most advanced tool in this area, as it allows classical aspiration through inhalation of air through the mouth...
MEDIKOEL Piston compressor Me100 (NEW MODEL)
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Brand: Medikoel Model: 1150
DescriptionPump: Piston compressor; Operating air pressure: 1.00 - 1.30 Bar; Noise level Burden: Less than 57dB/m; Noise level free run: Less than 57dB/m; Power supply: AC 230V / 50Hz,; Weight: 1.27Kg;Accessories set included:Adult mask x1; Pediatric mask x1; Nebuli..
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MEDIKOEL Ultrasound nebulizer Me120 MEDIKOEL Ultrasound nebulizer Me120
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Brand: Medikoel Model: Medikoel Me120
 Medical deviceMEDIKOEL ultrasound inhaler Me120 is a simple, straightforward device for the effective treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract.Ultrasonic nebulizer Me120 is easy, quiet, small, handy, and easy to clean. It is excellent for treating the lower airways. It is very su..
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Brand: Medikoel Model: Dolga cev Me120
Ribbed long tube for the ultrasonic inhaler Medikoel Me120 - long size 120 cm..
Brand: Medikoel Model: MEDIKOEL ampula
Standard ampoule for selected inhalatporje Medikoel.The ampoule as additional equipment is used for:Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoel 100; Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoell 110; Inhaler with a reciprocating compressor Medikoel 115th..
Brand: Medikoel Model: 374
MEDIKOEL mechanical aneroid blood pressure monitor Me300With the help of the manometer you quickly and efficiently, and above all accurately measure blood pressure. Measurement is done by hand, blood pressure is read by a stethoscope.The package includes:Membrane; Built stethoscope;..
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