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MaX BT system for measuring blood glucose

 MaX BT system for measuring blood glucose |
MaX BT system for measuring blood glucose
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A unique blood glucose meter with individually packaged test strips with GDH FAD enzyme that syncs wirelessly with your smartphone.

Technical features:

- Bluetooth synchronization;
- HTC 0-70% - for neonatal testing, for pregnant women, anemic patients;
- 8 test strip electrodes for exceptional accuracy of results;
- GDH FAD enzyme;
- Measurement time 5 sec;
- Wide temperature range 5-45 ° C;
- Detection of insufficient amount of sample;
- No coding;
- Sample volume 0,5 µL;
- Automatic pattern detection;
- Memory of 500 measurements;
- Rechargeable battery


- Meter;
- 10 test strips;
- 10 lancets;
- Trigger device;
- Purse;
- User manual, brief instructions.


The 8 electrodes of the test strip ensure exceptional accuracy of results with the MaX BT meter.

Electrode functions:

- Automatic coding;
- Elimination of the influence of hematocrit disorders;
- Elimination of the influence of temperature disturbances;
- Checking moisture exposure;
- Checking the sample quantity;
- Checking whether the sample is blood or control solution;
- Check for damage to the ticket.

Individual packs of 25 and 50 test strips are also available.

Shelf life: 24 months


The GlucoMaX app is designed to help diabetics measure their blood glucose levels. You will need a MaX BT blood glucose meter that will be connected to your smartphone. The result will be displayed on the screen and after testing you can send the results by e-mail or save them to your phone.

The GlucoMaX app allows you to view the history of measurements, and you can also share a joint report, including a diary, with your doctor (the one who cares for you). With the app, you can track and analyze data about your glucose, food, medications, and sports activities to control diabetes more effectively.

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