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Luxury Facial Steamer

Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
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Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
Luxury Facial Steamer
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With a choice of two functions, hot steam and cold mist, the luxury steam and cold mist facial Facial Steamer offers thorough skin care and works against the signs of aging. The result is cleansed and moisturized skin and a radiant and toned face.

What kind of steam? What are the benefits?

The benefits of hot steam and cold mist have long been recognized as part of facial care. The combination of hot steam and cold mist helps fight skin problems, thanks to all the benefits they both offer. The skin looks cleaner, toxin-free, cleansed and thoroughly hydrated.

Benefits of hot steam

  • Opens pores to clean dirty;
  • Deeply hydrates;
  • Promotes the absorption of care;
  • Reduces pigment spots.

Advantages of cold mist

  • Closes pores;
  • Improves skin tone;
  • It fights the signs of aging.

In addition to offering a choice between hot steam and cold mist, Luxury Facial Steamer has a wide range of benefits in terms of complete facial care. With a magnifying mirror, with triple magnification, you will be able to care for your face down to the smallest detail. The 100% stainless steel accessory kit includes five double-tipped accessories for easy removal of difficult-to-remove imperfections such as blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.

It works optimally on all skin types and is very easy to use. The Luxury Facial Steamer is also equipped with a tank with a capacity of 300 mL, which provides complete autonomy during your care. The water spout allows the device to be used safely.

Use of essential oils

Luxury Facial Steamer offers the possibility of scenting steam or mist with essential oils, seeds, dried fruits or dried flowers. All you have to do is add the flavor of your choice to the included basket. Steam and mist take on all the benefits of aroma and at the same time scent your face.

An example of facial care

1. Start cleansing your skin with a five-minute session of hot steam facial sauna.

2. When your pores on your face are fully open, use a set of accessories to remove and clean blackheads, dead skin and other imperfections if necessary. You can also do an exfoliator that will clean the pores and remove comedones.

3. The mask will soothe and relax your skin.

4. Apply moisturizer on face. This will make the treatment even more effective.

5. Finally, do a five-minute cold mist treatment that will close the pores, soothe the skin and improve skin tone.


  • Mist type: Cold and warm;
  • Water tank capacity: 300 ml;
  • Accessories: magnifying mirror X 3, 5 devices for the treatment of skin and blackheads;
  • Power supply: Powered by mains;
  • Power: 320 W;
  • Frequency: 60 Hz;
  • Voltage: 220-240 V;
  • Package weight: 1.650000 kg;
  • Packaging dimensions: 29.5 × 16.5 × 19.5 cm;
  • Dimensions of the device: 20 x 33.7 cm.

Warranty: 3 years

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