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Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia

Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia |
Lunette menstrual cup Violet Cynthia
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Lunette menstrual cup Diana-Green

Did you know that the first menstrual cup invented an American actress, Leona Chalmers leto1930, and this rubber? Chalmersova was advanced, but women of that time were not ready to accept new ideas, because at that time there was no decent women to touch the vaginal area. Manufacturers tampons are to avoid this by supplying spacers. Tampons are more marketing to succeed, because they have women in need every month.

Women today want you more, and this is also achieved. We wish you the best, comfortable and healthy choices. Modern time also brings modernity in those days. More and more girls and women are opting for new alternatives.

Lunette cup Cynthia in purple colour is the new and improved version of menstrual cups, which has proven comfort and good popularity among users. It has adapted to the length peceljček that is flexible and level, if necessary, it also cuts and larger holes for easy vacuum release. The cup is frosted appearance, but smooth for ease of cleaning. Lunette cup is packed in turtles costume with a storage bag made of satin.

USE Lunette menstrual cup

Before first use, check that the holes at the top of the cup completely open. Wash your hands and cup Lunette washed with water and mild soap, then boil in a large amount of water for 10 minutes. Be sure that the water in the pot enough to not damage the cup at the bottom.


First, wash your hands with mild, fragrance free soap and water. In the first application may be a cup to facilitate insertion of moistened with water or with a water-based lubricant.

Fold Lunette menstrual cup, as shown in Fig. Squeeze the cup together, and being folded in half so as to make a form C, as shown on the right. It is possible to bend differently, as shown below: "punch down" and "triangle".


Stick cup firmly in its stowed position, and with the ring at the front inserted into the vagina.

Insert the Lunette menstrual cup

Cup can be adapted to sitting, standing or squatting with legs extended. The correct position in the vagina will find a few exercises and learning about their anatomy. Unlike a tampon cup is placed in the lower part of the vagina, but not so low that it would create a feeling of unease - the stalk should remain in the vagina. If necessary, you can also cut the stalk or truncated. In the end, only check whether the cup is properly opened, so that the finger slightly rounded around the bottom of the cup.

Removing the Lunette menstrual cup

When we want to remove the cup, you first wash your hands and relax the muscles. The pincetnim grip (with the index finger and thumb) firmly squeezed the bottom of the cup until you feel or hear the vacuum discounts and gently pulled down. Created a vacuum thus nullified by pulling the bottom of the cup. In the same way as when inserting the folded form of the thinnest and removed. Upon termination of evacuation can occasionally hear a distinctive sound.

Way and never pulled for the stalk! This would result in spill cups and can even be damaged. Always squeeze the bottom of the cup before you pull out. The contents of the cup Lunette then poured into the toilet bowl, which can be placed a piece of toilet paper, so as to facilitate the toilet is flushed.
Rinse and Reuse

After emptying the cup Lunette rinse with water or wipe with a disinfectant wipe. For this purpose, you can also use a small bottle of water, which flush out the cup which over the toilet bowl. For daily cleaning, use a gentle and un-perfumed soap (Lunette intimate soap to wash). It is recommended that first cup of rinsed with cold water. This will prevent the cup absorbs odors. If you do not have access to water can be wiped off with a menstrual cup Lunette disinfecting wipes that contain alcohol and water, in extreme cases, even toilet paper.

Proper use of Lunette cup:

Been used during the monthly cycle Lunette menstrual cup well-washed with a mild soap and fragrance free.
Sterilize by such a way that it for 5-10 min in a greater amount of boiling water. If you do not have access to boiled water can also be used disinfecting wipes.
If you want, you can also sterilized during the monthly cycle.
Completely clean and dried Lunette get in the attached satin bag.
Menstrual cup is not stored in a sealed container or plastic bag.
If problems occur, contact your dealer;


  • When you notice any signs of damage to your Lunette cup, replace it with a new one;
  • Cup insert in the lower vagina, just at the mouth of the vagina, which collects menstrual blood that comes through the cervix during menstruation. Obstruction of the cervix can lead to convulsions;
  • Lunette cup, do not pull out only to stalk!;
  • Lunette menstrual cup is not a contraceptive agent, as it is not used during sexual intercourse;
  • Lunette menstrual cup does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Do not forget the hygiene of your hands!;
  • Do not use the Lunette menstrual cup continuously for more than 12 hours;
  • If problems occur, such as general pain, inflammation of the genital areas, irritation, burning itching, remove the Lunette and talk to your doctor;
  • Menstrual cup out of the reach of children and pets;

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