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Kühn Kosmetik

Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Arnika masažna tekočina
 Arnika massage fluid contains extract from arnica leaves, needles of mountain pine, together with pantenol and menthol.Application: apply a massage liquid on the hands, feet, back and neck area and lightly massage it. Refreshes and nourishes your skin.Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Alco..
Calendula cream with sea buckthorn oil Dr. Sacher's 200ml tube
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Ognjič z rakitovcem Dr. Sacher's
Calendula cream with sea buckthorn oil Dr. Sacher's 200mlCalendula cream with sea buckthorn oil Dr. Sacher's is ideal for daily facial and body care for dry and cracked skin, sores, swelling, accelerates skin renewal after shaving and depilation...
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Gel with extract of horse chestnut and comfrey 2 in 1 Intensiv Dr. Sacher's 125ml
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Kostanj gabez gel Dr. Sacher's
Krema iz izvlečka korenine GABEZA je idealna krema za lajšanje težave pri sindromu nemirnih in težkih nog. Prav tako bo po dolgotrajni uporabi gabezove kreme, zaradi njene izredni vlažilne sposobnosti vaša koža prožna, gladka in svilena. - See more at:
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Kräuteröl 111 Dr. Sacher's
Herbal oil 111 KRÄUTERÖL Dr. Sacher 100 mlHerbal oil 111 Dr. Sacher is a recipe combination of several essential oils of plants from all over the world. For many centuries people used the positive properties of essential oils from medicinal herb extracts. It takes only a few drops, to develop th..
Lotion for legs and feet with red vine leaf extract Dr. Sacher's
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Losjon za stopala Dr. Sacher's
 The foot lotion contains an extract of red vine and non-adhesive, together with pantenol. After application, your feet and feet will be fresh and nourished. It refreshes, stimulates and at the same time nourishes.Application: Apply lotion on your feet and gently massage it.Ingredie..
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Murmeltiert creme
MARMOT cream Dr. Sacher's 250 ml..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Teebaumöl Dr. Sacher's
Nourishing cream with tea tree oil, tea tree oil and sea buckthorn TEEBAUMÜL CREME 250ml..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: D008
 Pferdebalsam horse Cream Dr. Sacher's mainly cream of selected herbs that with a combination of valuable ingredients cools, invigorates and relaxes.Using Dr. Sacher's Pferdebalsam horse cream:Cream in a circular motion 2-3x daily gently rubbed into the skin. Care should be taken th..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: B7698 - 4030348300186
Refreshes and nourishes the skin. Pleasant for back and legs after sports and effort. An excellent means of soothing and invigorating massage due to the effect of mountain pine. It has a very positive effect on the calmness of the body and is recommended as a massage agent before and after sports ac..
TEUFELSKRALL Devil's Claw balsam witf rosmary oil
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: B1105 - 4030348011075
TEUFELSKRALL Devil's Claw balsam contains Phyteum extract, rosemary oil and glycerin. Moisturizing balm for body skin care.Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Harpagophytum Procumbens Extract, Carbomer, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium Edta, Phenoxyethanol, Benz..
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