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Hinged knee brace - Three-point

 Hinged knee brace - Three-point |
Hinged knee brace - Three-point
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The design of the patented three-point hinge supports the natural movement of the knee without compromising its mobility. It is suitable as an excellent support after removing the plaster, after surgery and during sports activity.

Neoprene top quality ensures constant, uniform pressure, while keeping the body warm and thus eases pain, accelerates the treatment and maintains the flexibility of the joint and muscles.

With the support of the strut, activity at the top level is enabled.

  • patented three-point hinges allow unlimited knee movement
  • Adjustable straps allow individual mounting of the strut
  • removable calf support stabilizes and protects the carob
  • The strut allows complete immobilization when necessary
  • Adjustable bars allow direction of 10 °, 20 ° and 30 ° to limit movement when used in the rehabilitation support (attached tool)
  • the side hinges limit the movements to the medial and lateral directions and also control the flexion and extension of the knee
  • wrap edges with soft seams prevent irritation and abrasions
  • open the back part against wrinkling
  • suitable for left and right knee
SIZE TABLE (measured 18 cm above and below the center of the knee):
M48-50 cm35-38 cm
L53-55 cm38-40 cm











  47% neoprene, 40% aluminum, 10% nylon, 2% polyester, 1% natural rubber


Remove the hinges before washing. Wash the product manually in cold water with mild detergents. Do not use bleach or plasticizer. Rinse thoroughly and dry in the air. If you use a washbasin in water, remove the hinges after use and rinse thoroughly.


The instructions are attached to the product.

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