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Hg80 knee brace with straps

 Hg80 knee brace with straps |
Hg80 knee brace with straps
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The line is characterized by an airy material, very soft to touch, which fits tightly on the knee. The stem provides an exceptional support for a painful or unstable knee.

S30-35 cm
M35-40 cm
L40-45 cm
XL45-50 m
XXL50-55 cm







  • The stem is made from high-performance Hydracinn®-free latex and neoprene material
  • the strut is moisture-resistant and allows the maintenance of body heat during movement
  • the inner part of the support is non-slip
  • patented side hinges provide maximum support and knee protection, while ensuring unhindered knee movement
  • the calf support stabilizes and protects the carob
  • Adjustable straps ensure stability of the strut, allowing the knee to be in the right position
  • the fabric consists of an antimicrobial shield and thus prevents unpleasant odors when the strut is worn
  • suitable for left and right knee


42% aluminum, 30% nylon, 12% polyester, 8% spandex, 6% TPE, 1% synthetic fabric KEVLAR, 1% EVA


Remove the metal parts before washing. Wash the product manually in cold water with mild detergents. Do not use bleach or plasticizer. Rinse thoroughly and dry in the air. Do not be lonely.


The instructions are attached to the product.

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