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Hg80 ankle support

 Hg80 ankle support |
Hg80 ankle support
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It is extremely comfortable, light and touch very soft. It is made from high-performance Hydracinn® (without latex and neoprene). Hydracinn® material is very high quality, moisture resistant and allows for the maintenance of body heat during movement. It also contains antimicrobial protection. Suitable for left and right legs. The stem offers strong protection and comfort, and protects the ankle against spite and recurrent injuries. Dynamic crossbars on both sides of the strut are long enough to provide additional support during movement. Belts can be adjusted if necessary.


• The strut is made of a breathable air cloth
• Provides strong and comfortable support
• HydraCinn® special fabric prevents moisture and antimicrobial protection
• No latex
• Suitable for all-day wear
• suitable for left and right ankles


Polyester 72%, nylon 24%, spandex 3%, PU 1%.


Wash the product manually in cold water with mild detergents. Do not use bleach or plasticizer. Rinse thoroughly and dry in the air. Do not be lonely.


The instructions are attached to the product.

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