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Brand: GoFit Model: 1300
S tem odličnim vadbenim kompletom boste naredili prvi korak k izboljšanju telesnega kot tudi psihičnega ravnovesja...
Brand: GoFit Model: SBS GoFit - 8018417208690
 Now thanks to the GoFit mobile phone running belt, you can go jogging and exercise without leaving your smartphone at home! This practical belt for athletes is so amazing! It has a central pocket (approx. 20 cm in length) with zip closing to hold your mobile phone or other objects you may ..
Brand: GoFit Model: BodyFit 55cm
 Summer is approaching and it is high time to take care of a beautiful and firm body! With the Body Fit Ball pilates ball, you will be able to perform fitness and yoga exercises, and it is especially great for pregnant women. The stability ball allows for dynamic stability training through ..
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