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Družinska zobna prha Waterpik WP-70E

 Družinska zobna prha Waterpik WP-70E |
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Družinska zobna prha Waterpik WP-70E
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Waterpik's entry-level family toothbrush WP 70-E2 is economical and the right choice for the whole family. The dental shower allows for six-level regulation of the jet pressure and has a button on the handle for interrupting the shower. The tank allows you to brush your teeth for at least 90 seconds, and in addition to water, water-based antiseptic preparations can also be added to it.

Great for people with implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers

Waterpik WP 70-E2 family dental shower for stronger and healthier gums and effective cleaning of the interdental space.


  • It removes bacteria in the interdental space and under the edges of the gums, where dental floss does not reach;
  • It massages the gums, making them stronger and healthier;
  • 6 different levels;
  • Large tank with a capacity of 1000 ml for 90 seconds of brushing your teeth.

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