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Double knee band - CHO PAT

 Double knee band - CHO PAT |
Double knee band - CHO PAT
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The compression in the upper part of the band is adapted to the dandelion, while compression in the lower part provides additional support. The air mesh material on the back of the crank allows comfortable fit. Antimicrobial protection prevents unpleasant odors.

At the same time, the double knee band reduces the possibility of quadriceps slipping, which causes erosion under the surface of the tunic and is effective:

in the case of arthritic knee, treatment of chondromalacia, jumping knee, patelophoreal syndrome, orotibial ligament syndrome, dislocation of the carob, inflammation of the carob, quadriceps slip, in Osgood-Schlatter disease and
with the support of a running knee, with heavy loads and some other chronic knee syndromes
suitable for left and right knee


The tape is made of neoprene, which can cause skin irritation. If a rash or pain does not give up, stop using and consult a doctor.

SIZE TABLE (measured around the middle of the knee):
S30-35 cm
M35-40 cm
L40-45 cm










Nylon 25%, soft foam from neoprene 25%, velcro 10%, velcro tape 10%, natural polytube 10%, thread 15%, marking 5%


Wash the product manually in cold water with mild detergents. Do not use bleach or plasticizer. Rinse thoroughly and dry in the air. Do not be lonely.


The instructions are attached to the product.

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