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Diet Esthetic

Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: 13064
 This gel has been has been formulated from DBS (Deep Blue Sea) complex, a combination of marine ingredients among which jellyfish essence stands out, rich in fibrillin (a glycoprotein that improves facial architecture).Thanks to its firming effect, dark circles will gradually disappear..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Bee Venom
The secret of Bee Venom cream is found in bee venom extract and a mixture of ingredients that invigorate, regenerate, regenerate and improve its skin tone. Through laboratory procedures, scientists have been able to obtain extracts of ingredients from bee venom to combat the formation of wrinkles an..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: CEL-8430830507813
 Body10 anti-cellulite cream Diet Esthetic 200 ml with cold effec is developed by the very best experts using an advanced and innovative formula which reduces cellulite or orange-peel skin, and enhances the firmness of the skin.Moulds the figure and helps to achieve much more attractive..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Polžja krema Vit Vit
 Thanks to its regenerating properties, this is the ideal cream to keeping a young and healthy skin. The cream also includes: aloe vera, allantoin and grape extract. The Snail Slime Anti Wrinkle Cream is also recommended for acne, wrinkles and scars, and it rejuvenates your skin thank..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Snake active
The secret of SNAKE ACTIVE cream is found in the synthetically obtained dipeptide, which is also found in the venom of the snake Pit Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri (rattlesnake) and a mixture of ingredients that invigorate the skin, support its regeneration, regenerate and improve its appearance.Prope..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Jelly Fish Cream
 Buy the great jellyfish venom anti-wrinkle cream with wrinkle-filling effect wholesale. Jellyfish Venom Cream Essence anti-aging skin cream is made of DBS (Deep Blue Sea) complex, which is a combination of marine ingredients, among which stands out the jellyfish extract, rich in fibrilinom..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: 1372
Make the most benefit of your skin with Gold Essence cream. The cream will improve the natural tone of your skin with exceptional hydration!Your skin will be soft after use, a silky cream that moisturizes the skin and gives it softness, firmness and radiance will be your companion. Gentle formula, s..
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