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Brand: Krauterhof Model: Krauterhof Urea body creme
 Kräuterhof cream for skin care with a 10% urea is intensively nourishing and moisturizing body cream containing the active moisturizers and high-quality vegetable fats, such as jojoba oil, shea butter and almond oil. 10% urea body cream protects the skin against dehydration and reduces the..
Lotion for legs and feet with red vine leaf extract Dr. Sacher's
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Losjon za stopala Dr. Sacher's
 The foot lotion contains an extract of red vine and non-adhesive, together with pantenol. After application, your feet and feet will be fresh and nourished. It refreshes, stimulates and at the same time nourishes.Application: Apply lotion on your feet and gently massage it.Ingredie..
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Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Murmeltiert creme
MARMOT cream Dr. Sacher's 250 ml..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: Teebaumöl Dr. Sacher's
Nourishing cream with tea tree oil, tea tree oil and sea buckthorn TEEBAUMÜL CREME 250ml..
PFERDEBALSAM CREME - Pferdebalsam Horse Cream Pullach Hof 500ml
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Brand: Pullach Hof Model: KG-2335 4039525094252
Pferdebalsam Creme Horse Cream is, above all, a cream of precious ingredients that, with its combination, nourishes the skin and has a refreshingly refreshing effect.Using Pferdebalsam Horse Cream: Massage the cream gently as needed, or several times a day.Ingridients (INCI): Aqua, Ceteraryl..
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Brand: Beauty Factory Model: BF gel kafra in mentol 500 ml
 Pferdebalsam horse balsam with camphor and menthol is an effective means of preventing the care of tired legs and feet as well as for the care before and after physical effort and sports activities. It represents a high-quality skin-absorbing agent.Application: 2 x a day or, if necessa..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: D008
 Pferdebalsam horse Cream Dr. Sacher's mainly cream of selected herbs that with a combination of valuable ingredients cools, invigorates and relaxes.Using Dr. Sacher's Pferdebalsam horse cream:Cream in a circular motion 2-3x daily gently rubbed into the skin. Care should be taken th..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: 10 Krauter Dr. Sacher's 250 ml
Pferdebalsam cream with 10 alpine herbs Dr. Sacher's is recommended for tired legs and feet. The cream pleasantly relaxes, revitalizes and gives a pleasant refreshing feeling in the legs and the skin of the back area. Horse cream with 10 alpine herbs is suitable for general body skin care.Ingredient..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: B7698 - 4030348300186
Refreshes and nourishes the skin. Pleasant for back and legs after sports and effort. An excellent means of soothing and invigorating massage due to the effect of mountain pine. It has a very positive effect on the calmness of the body and is recommended as a massage agent before and after sports ac..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Polžja krema Vit Vit
 Thanks to its regenerating properties, this is the ideal cream to keeping a young and healthy skin. The cream also includes: aloe vera, allantoin and grape extract. The Snail Slime Anti Wrinkle Cream is also recommended for acne, wrinkles and scars, and it rejuvenates your skin thank..
Brand: Kühn Kosmetik Model: B1105 - 4030348011075
TEUFELSKRALL Devil's Claw balsam contains Phyteum extract, rosemary oil and glycerin. Moisturizing balm for body skin care.Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Harpagophytum Procumbens Extract, Carbomer, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium Edta, Phenoxyethanol, Benz..
Thermalium ANTIAGE Premium night cream
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Brand: Galex Model: Galex thermalium premium nočna
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PFERDEBALSAM GEL - Konjski gel Pullach Hof
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Brand: Pullach Hof Model: Konjski gel Pullach Hof
Pferdebalsam - Konjski gel vam bo v pomoč pri premagovanju različnih vrst skeletno-mišičnih bolečin...
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PFERDEBALSAM CHILI GEL - Horse gel chilli Pullach Hof 500ml
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Brand: Pullach Hof Model: 2334 Pullach Hof 500ml
PFERDEBALSAM CHILI GEL - Horse gel chilli Pullach Hof 500ml ..
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Brand: Pullach Hof Model: 1479
Balm of devil's claws TEUFELSKRALLEN Pullach Hof 250 mlThe plant from which produced balm Devil's claw is derived from southern Africa. The beneficial effects of plants were initially discovered some tribes, but today its use is also popular with us...
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