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Notice to the user before concluding the contract

Notice to the user before concluding the contract

I. The right of the buyer to withdraw from the contract

The buyer (a natural person who acquires or uses goods and services for purposes outside his professional or gainful activity) has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the purchased goods without any compensation within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the goods.

Manner of exercising the right

The buyer is obliged to notify the seller in writing of the withdrawal from the contract within the period referred to in the above paragraph, without being obliged to state the reasons for his decision. The buyer addresses the notice to the registered office of the seller's company (2F STUDIO d.o.o., Sokolska ulica 44, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia) or to the contact e-mail address: For this case, a return form is available to the buyer at the same time as the invoice.

Return of goods received within 14 days of receipt without prior written notice is also considered a withdrawal from the purchase.

The buyer must return the goods received on the basis of the contract from which he withdrew to the bidder immediately at the same time as the notice of withdrawal or no later than fourteen (14) days after the notice of withdrawal is sent.

When the buyer has no right of withdrawal

The buyer has no right to withdraw from the contract:

- In the case of contracts having as their object goods which have been manufactured to the exact instructions of the consumer and which have been adapted to his personal needs and which, by their nature, are not eligible for return, perishable (foodstuffs) or expired ;
- In the case of contracts for the supply of audio or video recordings of medical devices, computer programs or other apparatus, if the consumer has opened the security seal or physically interfered with the product;
- In the case of financial service contracts which, at the consumer's express request, have already been fully fulfilled by both parties before the consumer has exercised his right of withdrawal.

The seller will not accept a returned shipment if it shows any signs of use, in particular as:

- In the case of sealed equipment, the seal (eg original label) is broken or damaged;
 - Open contents for perishable material (open or damaged packaging for food items, and damage to the packaging of non-food products or their opening) ;;
- In case of mechanical damage to the goods;
- If the battery has already been used in the apparatus;
- If the buyer of the returned goods is not properly and properly protected for transport and this could lead to further malfunctions of the equipment.

Obligations of the buyer in withdrawal from the contract and costs associated with withdrawal

The buyer must return the received goods undamaged and in the same quantity, the goods must be unused, and in the original packaging. A copy of the invoice and all other accompanying documents must be attached.

The buyer bears the burden of the risk of loss, damage or destruction of the product he wishes to return or replace, unless it occurred through no fault of his own.
The only cost borne by the buyer in connection with the withdrawal from the contract is the cost incurred in returning the object of purchase.

Obligations of the seller in withdrawing from the contract

If, in the event of withdrawal from the contract, no replacement of goods has been made at the buyer's request, the seller shall return the full purchase price as soon as possible, otherwise no later than within fourteen (14) days of receipt of notice of withdrawal. The purchase price is returned to the customer's current account, which is communicated by the customer at the same time as the notice of withdrawal.


Delivery is made within the agreed time via Pošta Slovenije d.o.o., but the seller reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it is more efficient. Tariff for delivery via Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. is. adapted to the price list of the Post and can also be calculated according to the weight of the product. The cost of delivery is uniform and amounts to EUR 4.60 regardless of the weight and quantity of the products. When paying by cash on delivery, the customer also pays the redemption costs according to the valid price list of Pošta Slovenije d.o.o., which currently amounts to EUR 1.05. Postage for purchases totaling 70 EUR and more is free.

In the case of payment by proforma invoice and in the method of personal collection, the cost of redemption is eliminated.

Information on the cost of delivery is available to the buyer when placing an order.

At the customer's request, delivery can also be made through other providers of such services, but the delivery is organized by the buyer, and the costs of such postage are not included in the pro forma invoice and are not shown in the price.

For deliveries outside Slovenia, delivery is charged according to the tariff of Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. Informative price lists of Pošta Slovenije d.o.o., for both internal and external traffic can be found at this link HERE.

The seller is not responsible for any delays by the delivery person.

From the delivery, the buyer, in addition to the invoice, also receives a form for the return of goods in case of withdrawal from the contract, which also contains a notice of rights from Article 15 (paragraph 2) of these General Terms and Conditions.


On the website you can pay for the ordered goods in the following ways (payment conditions are determined exclusively by the company 2F STUDIO d.o.o.):

a) with Payment after collection, you pay the purchase price to the delivery service employee (Pošta Slovenije), including the post office commission.
b) by advance transfer to the account of 2F STUDIO d.o.o. (based on offer, proforma invoice, order via the Internet)

Delivery times are listed for each item in the catalog of our offer. In the case of limited quantities (last pieces), the customer will be notified of any change.

The following delivery times are set in our offer:

- 1-3 days: goods in our warehouses or warehouses of our contractual partners;
- 5-7 days: for goods in the supplier's warehouse;
- 3 weeks: goods on request;
- 45 days: imported goods (for specific and rare equipment that is not present on our market).

In any case, the buyer will be additionally informed by e-mail about the delivery time for each order or products that are not in stock. In the case of critical stock (last piece), delivery is made to the customer who first ordered the product. Other customers are notified of the new delivery time.


The user addresses his opinions, inquiries, comments, complaints and objections to the registered office of 2F STUDIO d.o.o., Sokolska ulica 44, 2000 Maribor (customer service) or to the e-mail address: [email protected]

Any complaints are resolved by the manager as a matter of priority and in the spirit of good business cooperation. For this purpose, the manager will confirm to the buyer within 8 days of receiving the written complaint that he has received his complaint and inform him of the progress of the procedure and the estimated time of the hearing.


In accordance with the law, the manufacturer of goods is obliged to provide the buyer with a guarantee for the faultless operation of the thing, insofar as the goods for which the guarantee must be issued. The buyer claims the warranty directly from the manufacturer or an authorized service center.

The product has a warranty if it is stated in the warranty card or on the invoice, which is provided to the customer at the same time as the product. In this case, the customer will also receive instructions for assembly or use and a list of authorized services. The warranty periods are stated on the warranty card or on the invoice.

Products published on the website have a warranty if it is written next to the article being published, otherwise you should contact our customer service, where you will receive specific information about the existence of a warranty for an individual product.

Warranty rights

Under the warranty, the manufacturer must ensure that the defect is rectified no later than 45 days from the receipt of the request for rectification of the defect, otherwise the product must be replaced with the same new and faultless product. The manufacturer is obliged to provide free repair and maintenance of the product throughout the warranty period, and after this period only against payment.

Warranty entitlement procedure

The buyer must request the elimination of defects from the guarantor or authorized service center in writing during the warranty period and under warranty conditions, and must submit the product as well as the warranty and service sheet and a copy of the invoice. The customer has no cost by rectifying defects or replacing the product.

Due to faster and more efficient warranty processing, the buyer can send the product directly to the nearest authorized service center, otherwise he can send a written request with a detailed description of the defect and goods to the seller's headquarters, who will respond to the warranty request within 8 working days.

If the seller finds that the defect in the product was due to improper conduct of the buyer, which proves that the warranty claim is unjustified, the product will be sent back in writing at his expense.

The prices of all products on the website are retail and shown in EUR. VAT is not calculated on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 94 of ZDDV-1 (we are not liable for VAT)!

For all additional information we are available by phone +386 40 307 079 or by e-mail: [email protected]