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ARTSANA gallium thermometer PiC VEDOECO

 ARTSANA gallium thermometer PiC VEDOECO |
ARTSANA gallium thermometer PiC VEDOECO
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Gallium is a completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly liquid. A glass thermometer with gallium does not contain mercury; it can be compared to the best thermometers of its kind for measuring body temperature.

General product description:

  • classic personal mercury-free thermometer;
  • in a handy plastic case with a magnifying glass for easy reading;
  • can very easily "shrink" (you need about 8 shocks compared to some thermometers where you need 20 shocks or more);
  • suitable for axillary, oral and anal measurement;
  • measurement time: 4 min.

Technical information:

  • measures a temperature of 35.5ºC to 42ºC;
  • the measurement accuracy may vary from -0.15ºC to 0.1ºC;
  • the thermometer is hermetically and hygienically sealed in a glass box, so it can always be cleaned and disinfected after use.

The thermometer is manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC, 2007/47 / EC.
Standard EN 12470-1: 2009. Thermometer for measuring body temperature Part 1: Liquid metal thermometers.

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