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Artsana (PiC Solution)

ARTSANA kompresorski inhalator PiC AIR FAMILY Evolution ARTSANA kompresorski inhalator PiC AIR FAMILY Evolution
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Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: 911
Pripomoček je bil izdelan z namenom, da omogoči še bolj praktično in lažjo terapijo, hkrati pa zagotavlja vse kakovostne in varnostne standarde PiC izdelkov...
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Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: PiC HotStone
Pic hot steam humidifier in the new Stone range, with an elegant, compact and discreet design.It vaporizes water and fills your home with a continuous flow of clean, healthy, bacteria-free steam. This easily keeps the humidity above 50 percent, the ideal level to combat the adverse effects of a dry ..
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: AIREasy On
Medical apliancePic portable nebulizer AirEasy On is suitable for the whole family - for babies, children and adults. Portable: extremely light and very small. MMAD (average particle size): 1.51 µm. PORR (% of particles <5 μm): 93%. Noise: 35 dB (very quiet operation). Short therapy time: 14 minu..
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: 2v1 Pic
PIC 2 in 1 silicone spare mask for inhalers is suitable for both adults and children. It is adjustable, extremely soft, ergonomically designed and very flexible.The kit also includes an oral attachment, so you can use the mask with all PiC inhalers...
Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: PiC VEDOECOPLUS 918
Gallium is a completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly liquid. A glass thermometer with gallium does not contain mercury; it can be compared to the best thermometers of its kind for measuring body temperature.General product description:classic personal mercury-free thermometer;in a handy pl..
Artsana PiC DIGIT Smart upper arm blood pressure monitor Artsana PiC DIGIT Smart upper arm blood pressure monitor
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Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: Artsana PiC DIGIT Smart
PIC DIGIT Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically tested and manufactured in accordance with the standards ESH 2002. Detects cardiac arrhythmias and made exact measurements in the case arrhythmia. Indicator higher heart rate to detect and alert on high measured value. It calculates the average of..
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Brand: Artsana (PiC Solution) Model: PiC EasyRapid
 An intuitive automatic digital arm-type blood pressure monitor. Its innovative DLS design uses the latest-generation Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience technology for early measurement during the inflation phase. Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience, which carries out early measurement during the ..
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