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Alter Heideschafer

Brand: Alter Heideschafer Model: Arnika Alter Heideschafer
 Arnica ointment Alter Heideschafer is suitable for the care of tired, rough and dry skin.Rich substances arnica are already millennium-known and recognized. Efficient cream from arnica Alter Heideschafer gives a sense of comfort, and is released. Relaxing massage of the affected cities..
Brand: Alter Heideschafer Model: Alter Heideschäfer Melkfett Ringelblume
 Calendula ointment with milk fat Alter Heideschafer is ideal comprehensive care stressed skin. Ideal for hands and feet.Application: Gently massaging evenly rub ointment into the skin hands, legs and feet. The ointment is suitable for outdoor use.Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes a..
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