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Acupuncture massage ring

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Acupuncture massage ring
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Acupuncture massage ring

Acupuncture massage ring is functional acupuncture device for vitaliziranje fingers. The ring is made ​​of silver-plated stainless steel with a special speljavno binding. It is an ideal companion because its smoothed and appease your fingers and consequently the whole body. Not only invigorating , but also accelerates blood circulation and thus improves well-being.

Massage ring must be mounted on a finger and slowly and with a sense of rolling the finger up and down . The best effect you will achieve if you massaged each finger separately. You can use it whenever you want and as long as you fit.

Acupuncture sites on the fingers
Stomach , spleen and gastrointestinal tract.
It helps overcome everyday worries.
Element : Earth. Color: Yellow. Taste: Sweet.

Kidney, bladder, anemia and shock states.
It helps to overcome fears, emotional locks.
Impact on the greater flexibility and adaptability in society.
Element : Water . Color: Blue . Taste: Salty.

Liver, bile and blood. Beneficial to detoxify the body.
It helps in proper understanding of feelings. Harmony.
Element : Wood. Color: Green. Taste: Acid.

Lung, thyroid and immune system.
Assist in the harmonization of the rhythm of life, and leave behind what was.
Element : Air. Color: White. Taste: Burning.

Bones, joints and heart.
Sharpen intuition.
Element : Fire. Color: Red. Taste: bitter.

Use a ring on every finger.

Acupuncture massage running 1-2 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes on that finger and that area where there is a stimulating point for your problems. We recommend that you use a ring for each finger as this will give you a sense of relaxation. It is best to use to find what suits you best and which points stimulated to achieve the desired učinek.akupunkturni massage ring, massage ring, acupressure, acupressure ring, acupuncture

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