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Brand: Krauterhof Model: Vražji krempelj Krauterhof
 Kräuterhof devil's claw gel fresh body care and massage. Kräuterhof devil's claw gel contains valuable plant extracts claws eucalyptus, camphor and menthol.Usage: With gentle massaging uniformly rub the gel into the skin. The gel is suitable for external use only.Warnings: Avoid co..
Brand: Krauterhof Model: Krauterhof Pferdebalam
 Kräuterhof cooling horse balm contains valuable herbal extracts, horse chestnut, arnica, rosemary, camphor and mint oil. It is recommended to use after sports activities for relaxing cooling effect on the skin.Application: Gently rub evenly massaging balm to the desired place in the sk..
Brand: Krauterhof Model: Krauterhof vinska trta in kostanj
 Krauterhof Cream with red vine leaves is a high-quality leg and foot cream with extracts of red vine leaf and horse chestnut. The active ingredients of the red vine leaf, horse chestnut and panthenol have soothing features for stressed legs and feet. The nourishing and regenerating cosmeti..
Brand: Krauterhof Model: Krauterhof Snail Extract
 For a smooth and supple skin. Effective solution in spots, scars and stretch marks.   Noticeably improves skin appearance. This gentle gel with subtle, sophisticated scent contains a special complex that stimulates cell regeneration. Increases elasticity of the skin, hydrates in dep..
Brand: Krauterhof Model: Krauterhof Urea body creme
 Kräuterhof cream for skin care with a 10% urea is intensively nourishing and moisturizing body cream containing the active moisturizers and high-quality vegetable fats, such as jojoba oil, shea butter and almond oil. 10% urea body cream protects the skin against dehydration and reduces the..
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