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The family-owned BONECO AG – from 1956 to today

Today, the family-owned company BONECO AG is part of the PLASTON Group and is internationally active in portable air treatment solutions for living areas. But it all began in the garage next to a family home in 1956, with plenty of help from the whole family. Hans Frei and his son Roland Frei founded the PLASTON company despite trying economic conditions. It became a success story and continues to this day under the BONECO healthy air brand. Alongside plastic products for industry, products for the domestic sector were developed, manufactured and put on the market over the years.

Brand: Boneco Model: 80495 - 7611408026450
BONECO P130 Air Purifier with triple action purification:Easy – Plug in, turn on, enjoy.Strong – HEPA purification.Stylish – Sleek & modern design.The P130 is a high-performance air purifier with triple action purification. A combined pre-filter and HEPA filter with an Ionizer and UV-C light pro..
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