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Brand: 2in1 Model: 01-1330-6949517000018
2in1. lancets for taking a capillary blood sample that are reliable and comfortable with an extremely small puncture. The lancets are suitable for 3in1 and MultiCareIn meter triggersLancet features:Extremely small sting;Less pain Unobstructed injection;Exact needle length.Quantity: 100 lancets..
Brand: 2in1 Model: MaX BT - 3830024961943
A unique blood glucose meter with individually packaged test strips with GDH FAD enzyme that syncs wirelessly with your smartphone.Technical features:- Bluetooth synchronization;- HTC 0-70% - for neonatal testing, for pregnant women, anemic patients;- 8 test strip electrodes for exceptional accuracy..
Brand: 2in1 Model: 2in1. MaX a25x2
Blood glucose test strips with GDH FAD enzyme. Compatible for use with 2in1. Max or MaX BT gauges.INNOVATIVE TEST STRIPS TECHNOLOGY:It provides 8 test strip electrodes with 2in1 . MaX or MaX BT exceptional accuracy of results.Electrode functions:- Automatic coding;- Elimination of the influence of h..
2in1. BP TELE blood pressure monitor with BT technology 2in1. BP TELE blood pressure monitor with BT technology
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Brand: 2in1 Model: 2in1 BP Tele
2in1. BP TELE is an automatic blood pressure monitor with early detection of atrial fibrillation and premature heartbeat to prevent the risk of heart disease and stroke. Connectable with a free app to keep a pressure measurement log.Blood pressure monitor properties 2in1. BP TELE:- Bluetooth® low en..
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