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Brand: Omron Model: HEM-7322T-D
Regular blood pressure measurement is an essential part of health care, especially in old age, but also in previous years, a sensible measure. As an a..
113.90€ 119.00€
Brand: 2in1 Model: 2in1 BP Tele
2in1. BP TELE is an automatic blood pressure monitor with early detection of atrial fibrillation and premature heartbeat to prevent the risk of heart ..
Model: MB14002-6952020140027
The ultrasonic mini humidifier with Home Dekor Tower fragrance diffuser is suitable for use in home spaces, offices, gyms, yoga centers or meeting roo..
Model: MB14003DW-6952020140034
Ultrasonic mini humidifier with fragrance diffuser Dark Walnut is suitable for use in homes, offices or meeting rooms. The modern, beautiful design wi..
Model: MB14003-6952020140034
Ultrasonic mini humidifier with fragrance diffuser Home Decor is suitable for use in homes, offices or meeting rooms. The modern, beautiful design wit..
Model: SM-513-7798105730122
The SM-513 cuticle remover will be of great help in your home make-up and pedicure, and the SM-513 remover is also used in beauty salons and nail and ..
Model: 1048332
Portable and extremely effective device for inhalation therapy Dr. Frei compressor inhaler TURBO CAR will help you with problems of acute respiratory ..
Model: HL320 - 6418561854422
The Fascial Gun HL-320 Muscle Massager is used to reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and relieve joint tension after a hard workout ..
Brand: Medisana Model: 8823240 - 15588882326
The Medisana IR 100 infrared lamp supports the treatment of cold symptoms, tension, cramps, muscle pain, rheumatic problems and the treatment of ears,..
Model: ZL 2008 - 6950467191206
LifeBasis professional allergy relief is designed to use red light therapy to suppress the cells that release histamine. It provides a safe and easy w..
Model: MB5918 - 6901258564013
Ayurveda pinhole raster glasses for relieving vision are universal glasses intended for everyone who has eye problems and wants to relieve their eyes ..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0103224 - 8435527817633
An anti-cellulite massager with infrared heat that works effectively on accumulated fat, improving the look and elasticity of the skin. Thanks to its ..
Brand: Diana Model: 810357 - 9005358810357
DIANA menthol shower foam cools, refreshes and invigorates the skin with refreshing natural menthol, long after showering! With its nourishing propert..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: H3025105
Buy Quit Smoke Magnet Anti-Smoking Magnet at wholesale price. Magnetic therapy has been used on smokers for thousands of years. When some pressure is ..
Brand: Pullach Hof Model: Pullach Hof konjska krema 500ml
 Pferdebalsam Creme Horse Cream is, above all, a cream of precious ingredients that, with its combination, nourishes the skin and has a refre..
Brand: Diana Model: DIANA mentol 125ml
 DIANA SPORT balsam 125ml..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: Magneto Mesh D0500133
 Protect your home against annoying insects with the amazing Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain! With this practical door fly screen as seen o..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: 5cm in 1sec, 5 x 1 cm
The 5cm in 1sec insoles allow you to increase your height instantly and discreetly. Simply insert a 5cm in 1sec insole in the heel of your shoe and re..
Brand: Pullach Hof Model: Konjski gel Pullach Hof
Pferdebalsam - Konjski gel vam bo v pomoč pri premagovanju različnih vrst skeletno-mišičnih bolečin...
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Snake active
The secret of SNAKE ACTIVE cream is found in the synthetically obtained dipeptide, which is also found in the venom of the snake Pit Viper, Tropidolae..
Model: Relax Spin Tone
RELAX & SPIN TONE je izjemno učinkovit masažni aparat za blaženje in za pomoč pri odpravljanju celulita. Pospešuje cirkulacijo krvi na tistih mest..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Bee Venom
The secret of Bee Venom cream is found in bee venom extract and a mixture of ingredients that invigorate, regenerate, regenerate and improve its skin ..
Brand: Pullach Hof Model: 2334 Pullach Hof 500ml
PFERDEBALSAM CHILI GEL - Horse gel chilli Pullach Hof 500ml ..
Brand: Omron Model: Omron M10-IT
Automatic blood pressure monitor OMRON M10-IT..
Foot massager YH-2002A Foot massager YH-2002A
Web price Hot
Model: YH-2002A
Foot care plays an important role in well-being. The feet form the foundation of our body. They are exposed to heavy loads and are often neglected. So..
155.90€ 189.10€
Web price
Brand: Hydrosana Model: ROYAL FOOT SPA
Product DescriptionIt is an external detoxification method, which removes toxins through your feet. The body detoxifies while you are comfortably ..
389.90€ 460.00€
Model: Beurer IL50
Heat Beurer IL 50 infrared light has a beneficial effect on your mood, infrared light could help in blood circulation and relieves muscle tension and ..
78.90€ 85.00€
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté V0100941
 InnovaGoods Tooth Polisher and Whitener is very effective device to improve the appearance of your teeth and obtain a perfect smile. This wh..
13.90€ 18.90€
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0101136 - 8435527814113
The magnetic pressure points are strategically placed to stimulate and massage feet when walking. They also have holes to improve breathability and pr..
9.90€ 12.90€
Brand: Lunette Model: Lunette FeelBetter
Hey, there! Nice to see you're one of our cup-using crowd.So as you know, your menstrual cup should be kept clean.That's exactly why we came u..
9.50€ 10.90€
Brand: Lunette Model: Lunette Classic
Did you know that the first menstrual cup invented an American actress, Leona Chalmers leto1930, and this rubber? Chalmersova was advanced, but women ..
29.99€ 34.90€
Brand: Omron Model: HEM-7322T-D
Regular blood pressure measurement is an essential part of health care, especially in old age, but also in previous years, a sensible measure. As an a..
113.90€ 119.00€