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Model: SA3050
With Tristar SA3050 multi-function toaster and grill can prepare delicious hot sandwiches and other crunchy goodies in just a few minutes. You can also heat the bread and quickly Toasts a variety of small meat or veggie steaks. This Tristar toaster grill has a modern and functional design. Its exter..
28.90€ 39.80€
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Model: FDM 1301
This Fruit Dessert Maker turns frozen fruit into delicious fat free, dairy free, and guilt free soft-serve dessert treat. It looks and tastes like velvety ice cream, but uses 100% fruit. Experiment and have fun mixing your favorite fruits and add additional ingredients like chocolate and peanut butt..
73.90€ 79.80€
Model: One Touch Bullet
69.90€ 99.90€
Brand: Texenergy Model: 1430
Outstanding 3in1 combination toaster Tristar SA2151 you on the basis of three removable hotplates to prepare hot sandwiches, waffles, functions can also be as convenient or grill. grill! Heating plates have a special coating to the bonding, which facilitates cleaning.Features:To prepare 2 s..
Model: Twist and Take
The Twist & Take a blender, you only need to add your favorite flavors into a blender. In a few minutes you can enjoy delicious, healthy milkshakes and juices full of natural vitamins...
19.90€ 36.90€
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: Yogu Joy Frozen
 The holidays is coming, and what could be better than the new Yogu Joy frozen yogurt machine?A quick and easy way to prepare delicious homemade fruit ice cream with yogurt. You'll enjoy them more as you can monitor the whole production process, making delicious healthy homemade frozen ..
47.80€ 51.40€
Model: Tristar CP-2262
Buy Tristar CP2262 juicer with anti-drip system at wholesale price.This juicer with a unique design. Equipped with a transparent anti-dust lid and two press cones for different sizes of oranges and lemons.Features:2 press cones; Power: 20W; Double sense of rotation: left and right; ..
Model: Tristar CP-2265
Buy Tristar CP2265 juicer 60W at super price.Juicer with stainless steel design and a powerful motor. Equipped with a transparent anti-dust cover and two cones for different sizes of oranges and lemons. The juices features an anti-drip system and is easy to clean.Features:Press cones; ..
Model: 1487
Electric cooker Tristar KP 6190 is a practical electric cooker with a diameter of 185 mm plates, stainless steel casing and the thermostat for the interior or exterior use.Lastnosti:Diameter 18.5 cm iron plates; Thermostat; Stainless steel housing; Built-in heating element; Non-slip..
Model: 1488
Electric cooker Tristar CP 6193 is a practical electric cooker with a diameter of 150 mm discs and a thermostat for indoor or outdoor use.Properties:Diameter 15 cm iron plates; Thermostat; Heat-resistant housing; Automatic shutdown; Non-slip base; Suitable for use from outside; ..
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