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Face care

Model: 1073
Face Roller je baterijski masažni pripomoček za masiranje obraza in vratu...
Model: 1698
 Introducing the new feature in combination with Jojoba oil use JAdapterja effectively eliminates skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, lišajasta loaded with various dermatitis and others...
Model: 590
Ta komplet je idealen za domačo uporabo. Je pravi lepotilni salon, ki vam na vašem domu omogoča, da vsak dan lepo izgledate...
Obrazna savna Me600
Currently available
Brand: Medikoel Model: 412
Obrazna savna je primerna za uporabo doma. Je izredno učinkovit pripomoček za odpiranje kožnih por in globoko čiščenje sledi ličil in drugih kozmetičnih pripravkov. Para odpre in globinsko očisti kožne pore, odstranjuje nečistoče in podkožne črne ogrce, prekrvavi, neguje in hidratira kožo. Hidrataci..
Model: 236
Skrbno izbrane ekološko gojene sestavine ohranjajo vaše ustnice čudovito mehke in privlačne...
Model: Depil spring vzmet F0505191
 Introducing the new and original Depil Spring facial hair remover!It's a safe and effective method to remove facial hair from the root in a quick, clean, precise and painless way. This natural hair removal method is based on an ancient and traditional technique known as threading. With..
Facial Sauna APRILLA AFM-2808
New -22 %
Model: AFM-2808-8681438104144
 Aprilla facial sauna is one of the high quality products of this type. After using the facial sauna, your skin will be refreshed, moisturized and more radiant.Colour: White/Purple; Material: PTC; Power: 130 W; Capacity: 40 ml; Timer: 90" Power supply: Electric Network...
28.90€ 36.90€
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: 8435527814519
 InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté anti-wrinkle pen for eyes & lips is very effective and innovative way of visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It provides an integral ionic massage in the area of the face which specifically affects the contour of eyes and lips. The result is a younger,..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: InnovaGoods V0100483
 If you have a beauty and cosmetics shop, Vse Za Zdravje has the latest products that are dominating the market, like the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté electric facial cleanser for blackheads! Buy this revolutionary and innovative invention in bulk and fascinate your clients! The facial clean..
Brand: Krauterhof Model: Krauterhof Snail Extract
 For a smooth and supple skin. Effective solution in spots, scars and stretch marks.   Noticeably improves skin appearance. This gentle gel with subtle, sophisticated scent contains a special complex that stimulates cell regeneration. Increases elasticity of the skin, hydrates in dep..
MEDICARE 5in1 Multi-functional cuticle remover Facial pore cleaner MEDICARE 5in1 Multi-functional cuticle remover Facial pore cleaner
Hot -15 %
Model: Medicare FC19
 MEDICARE multifunctional massager is a complete face care machine 5in1. By using the daily use of the appliance, you will contribute to an effective fight against aging of the skin, swelling of the sweatshirts and restoration of the facial skin of the face.MEDICARE 5in1 face massage pr..
23.70€ 27.90€
Brand: Diet Esthetic Model: Polžja krema Vit Vit
 Thanks to its regenerating properties, this is the ideal cream to keeping a young and healthy skin. The cream also includes: aloe vera, allantoin and grape extract. The Snail Slime Anti Wrinkle Cream is also recommended for acne, wrinkles and scars, and it rejuvenates your skin t..
18.90€ 29.80€
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